My name is Alfredo – but my friends call me Alfie, or Sauce. People always ask what I am, and I reply with a “woof!” to remind them that I’m a dog! My birth parents left me on the streets of Atlanta where I roamed until Beth found me, so she’s the only mom I’ve known and I love her very much. Then Yeager, my dad, came along – I sure do love him too, even when he plays pranks on me. They both think I’m a Samoyed-Shepherd mix, but we’ll never know. I love to run and play fetch with tennis balls, but sometimes I’m bad and chase after small game – I can’t help it, they look so fun to chase and squeak just like my toys! Looking adorable is one of my favorite past times, second only to chasing squirrels. Maybe cuddling too. I think if more people rubbed my belly and fed me treats that we’d obtain world peace.