was born and raised in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia which obviously means she’s tough as nails and has the street cred to back it.

As a wee lass Beth had a passion for art, and thankfully she followed this passion and attended Savannah College of Art & Design in both Savannah and Atlanta campuses and received a degree in illustration. After graduating college, she realized the mountains were calling and migrated to Asheville, North Carolina to be closer to nature and build her portfolio. Two years later and she’s still in Asheville, curating a gallery space and dreaming of a life of adventure – until now!

Beth is the networking master of the Trio, and arguably also the most beautiful. If she had a choice, she’d spend all day outside – her passion for being in the woods and going on hikes is borderline dangerous. Nature is where she receives much of her artistic inspiration. Beth loves to paint visual narratives & social commentary on reclaimed and found wood, and she has a knack for finding and enjoying beauty in just about anything. If you can’t find her outside, wait – did you check everywhere?

Chances are Beth has already sidled up next to you and is in deep conversation with you as though you’ve known her for years – so any more of a bio would be pointless.