“Why do you want to live on the road in such a small space?”

This is the question we receive the most, followed closely by “how are you going to make money?”

As cliché as it may sound, why not!? Beth and I are both young, we’re healthy, we want to live a full life, and nothing is holding us back. In the end, we don’t have much to lose. So what if this crazy plan of ours doesn’t work out? We’ll wind up settling down somewhere, paying the rent, paying the bills, going to work, coming home. Rinse, repeat.

No different than what we are doing now.

But, what if our plan does work? What if, in our roaming and working all over the Americas, we live a full and meaningful life. What if we positively change another person’s life, or inspire one person to take a risk and follow their dreams? What if we make a difference by living more eco-friendly by taking up less space and materials? What if we wind up starting a career or passion we otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to pursue? What if the only thing we do is create memories and photographs?

Then that’s enough for us.

The potential rewards are more than worth the risks.

“But what about your future, don’t you want to retire? What about a career? You should really start all this now.”

Sure, we’d love to retire, but why wait until our bodies are old? Why not use these wonderful fit bodies that we have now to explore the world around us with the time we have, in this moment? Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed for any of us, neither is old age or retirement. What we do have is right now.  I don’t know about you, but I’m more in favor of enjoying the present, than worrying about the what-if’s of later. This isn’t to say that we aren’t thinking about our future or consequences of our actions, but you can’t let fear rule your life. If we’re old and have to work, then so be it. If we never get to retire at 60, well that’s a bummer, man. I’d rather slide into the grave with a smile on my face, having left behind a wake of adventure, memories and joy, than wishing I had taken risks, and made more of my life when I had the chance. Life is what you make it, and we don’t want to sit idle, hoping for the best.

As far as a career – do you really think that with as much as we’ve put into our life change, we haven’t also put the same amount of effort into trying to build ourselves up before this life-change? Do you really think we’re that lazy and have been sitting around Asheville hoping that an amazing job or career lands at our feet? Hell no! Beth and I have both fought hard to get up in the world, and unfortunately it appears this has not yet been the time, nor place for for us. So let’s try something new! Who’s to say that by being on the open road we won’t find, or create opportunities for growth in our careers?

“Ok, you haven’t really convinced me, but I’ll at least accept your decision. What about the money? How are you going to make money on the road? Aren’t you going to be broke? Nobody want’s to hire someone for a short period.” 

Well, our first goal is to rob a bank, then win the lotto, and with all that money we’ll play the stock market like pros.

But seriously – we’re going to work, just like we do now. That isn’t going to change, only how and where  we’ll work. We will pick up short-term gigs, temporary work, seasonal jobs, and whatever else we can. If there isn’t work, we have money saved, and can always move on to a new place where there might be work. We can create jobs for ourselves – the two of us are multi-talented and skilled in various crafts. We’re willing to work and there is little we won’t do. We both want to pursue our talents and passions, and living in Asheville has left little time to follow our passions when we have to worry about affording to live here.

If all else fails, then we settle down for a while.

If you’re that concerned about us, you can always put us to work or


Ultimately our expenses will be low, so hopefully money won’t be ruling our lives the same way it does now. No utilities and rent saves us a huge amount, and from there all we need to pay is truck insurance, diesel, food and  phone bills. Money isn’t everything – it comes and goes and we’ll get by just as we always have.

The goal for us is to live life with purpose and meaning. To slow things down, to not rush around so much. To have less of a negative impact on the environment by living simply. To truly be alive. We want the ability to choose where and how we live, and the quality of our life. We want to put meaning into our actions and pursue our dreams and passions. We want to reconnect in this ‘connected’ world and to have face-to-face interactions. We want to be one with nature as well as the communities across the land.

So, why are we doing this?

Because why not?