Leaving Arizona

In early May when we arrived we expected to leave your borders by June – ahead of the Summer heat. Today we awake still within your grasp – for the last time on the Mogollon Rim, our breaths visible wispy puffs in the chilly morning air. Autumn is upon us.

The past five months have been amazing. We will never forget your Painted Desert, the time we spent with other adventurers at Overland Expo, my family in Phoenix and Sahaurita, those few short days on Mount Lemmon, Bisbee, Flagstaff, Winslow, Show Low, or our jobs as camp hosts. The friends we have made here will last a lifetime – there are far too many of you to name individually, but you you know damn well who you are, don’t you? My heart will yearn for your varied landscapes and peoples as we cross into Utah tonight, but we have more adventures to seek.