It’s Happening!


We finally picked a date, a time, and a place! We gon’ git murried!

Here are the quick stats:

  • March 20, 2019 @ 4:00PM PST

  • 45771 Goodpasture Road
    Vida, OR 97488

  • Reception (aka Tokes & Jokes) @ 4:20PM PST, same location

  • Pizza, Champagne, Beer, Wine & Snacks. We’re keeping it simple.

  • No dogs

  • Cannabis-friendly**

  • Everyone who isn’t camping or sleeping on site gets kicked out by 10:30PM for safety & privacy concerns.


And here’s what you should know:

We’re not going for the “traditional” wedding that most people are used to. So expect the unexpected, prepare yourself for something uncommon, bring an open mind. I mean, we quit our jobs on a whim and traveled across the USA for two years, you think we’re going to do something this big the “normal” way like everyone else? Hell no!

We are lucky enough to have found a great Air BnB property that the owner was kind enough to let us use for our wedding. He and several folks live on-site, so it’s important that we respect his property and rules. There’s a good chance he’ll be hanging out with us as the night goes on. It’s a beautiful property with plenty of natural beauty abound. The drive to the venue will take you along the McKenzie river on a winding (and probably wet) road, and the driveway down to the property is a bit steep and unpaved, so please do be careful. Parking will be limited, so again if you can carpool it would be smart & beneficial to all.

The wedding itself will be OUTSIDE, RAIN OR SHINE! But the reception will be in a warm enclosed building with a covered deck, and potentially a fireplace or fire pit.

Eugene is two hours South of Portland. The venue is about 40 minutes East of Eugene in Vida. So figure in three hours if you come from Portland. Eugene has an airport as well. We will not be available to shuttle or drive anyone, so please make sure you figure out transportation while you’re here. Uber/Lyft are finally available in Eugene, but don’t count on them to come get you all the way out in Vida. If you know others coming to the wedding, make arrangements to share transportation and/or lodging. It’s the smart thing to do.

Yeah dudes, March 20, 2019 is a Wednesday. You’re seeing that right. Why? Because this day has significance for us - it’s the day we set sail on our adventures as the Traveling Trio back in 2015. It’s also the Vernal Equinox and we love astronomical events like this! What a great significant day to begin our lives as a married couple, the day that ushers in longer days and renewed life! Also, Wednesdays are great, and far too many people get married on Saturday and Sunday. We’re not trying to be like everyone else.

You also read correctly that this is a cannabis-friendly event.** It’s 2018, folks! 21 states have adopted broad legalization for medical marijuana, 8 states have fully legalized for recreational use along with the District of Columbia, and one of those eight is OREGON! This is truly the land of freedom, and we grow some great cannabis here. We’ll have a Canna-bar where you can sample strains grown by yours-truly in our very own back yard. Of course if you don’t like cannabis that’s fine, but it’s going to be at the wedding and normalized, so get over it now and please don’t make a fuss of it later. Of course we can’t stress enough NOW to behave yourself and make smart decisions. Everything is fun in moderation, including moderation. We’ll have champagne, beer/cider, and wine as well. Just remember that most of the accommodations are several minutes drive to over an hour away depending on where you choose to stay. The road leading down to the venue is mildly steep and dirt, and the roads leading in and out of Vida are winding and wet - so be safe and have a designated driver if you plan to imbibe to the point of intoxication! We don’t want any casualties or accidents on our wedding; the biggest gift you can give us is being safe and smart.

**Even though Oregon has decriminalized most other drugs, our wedding is not the place for them. Please be respectful of our night and leave any other substances at home. If you’re already an experienced cannabis user, please act as a positive role model and guide others who may not be experienced. While they may be fun, we respectfully ask that you don’t bring dabs/extracts/wax, edibles or bongs as inexperienced users have a greater potential to view these in a negative light or over-consume. Vapor pens are more than welcome.

This won’t be a formal fine-dining experience. It’s going to be basic and resemble what we love to eat on our anniversary. Several different pizzas - Pepperoni, Cheese, and probably a couple oddities thrown in as well. We’ll have several salads as well as hummus, crudités, salsa, tortilla chips, trail mix, s’mores fixins, donuts (instead of a cake), and some other easy finger-foods and snacks. If you’re worried about going hungry, bring more food. We’ll have a limited amount of champagne to toast, some beer and/or cider, and inexpensive wine. There may or may not be a bottle of whiskey you’ll have to arm-wrestle Beth to get a sip of.

It’s going to rain. It’s the Pacific NorthWET my dudes! We’ll provide some simple ponchos in case anyone needs, but bring clothes & shoes you don’t mind getting a little damp and potentially dirty. People don’t use umbrellas here, but if you want to stand out like sore thumb you can bring one, that’s up to you. Your beautiful faces and personalities are more important to us than your choice of clothing. We simply suggest being comfortable in and around potential rain. I mean, the groom will probably have sandals on, so that’s the level of casual we’re looking at.
Beth recommends for the ladies: dresses with leggings, maybe a scarf, wide-brimmed hat, and rain boots - for easy layering/ de-layering as well as comfort and warmth. So you'll be ready to hang out on the chilly porch or the hot dance floor.
Yeager recommends for the dudes: whatever the hell you want to wear; pants, shorts, sandals, flip flops, boots, button down, or a dress if you want. Just be comfortable, warm and dry.

The “venue” is about 40 minutes East of Eugene/Springfield on the 126. TONS of options in Eugene, obviously. You can even shave that drive down to less if you find a place in Springfield.

The Wayfarer Resort is 2.5 miles down the road and the closest lodging, but there is VERY LIMITED space.

About 6 miles away from the venue are the McKenzie Riverside Cottages

A little over 10 miles down the road from the venue is the Eagle Rock Lodge which has several rooms as well and the McKenzie River Inn is right next door.

12 miles from the venue are The McKenzie River Round House and Heaven’s Gate River Cottages.

There is limited space to camp on the property. Very good chance of being wet, and chilly to cold. If you’re up for it, be a rockstar and feel free to camp in a tent. I don’t think you’d have to pay for this.

If you are coming via your truck-camper/van, feel free to park and dry-camp on site. No big ol’ trailers, 5th wheels, RVs or likewise please. There are semi-level areas you can park, and you can use the restrooms. The owner of the property has suggested $15/person per night if you choose to do this.

If you want to bring a sleeping pad & bag you can crash in communal spaces in the building we’ll be using to dance & hang out. There are bathrooms and semi-private rooms, but you’ll probably have to share the space with others. The owner has asked for $15/person per night if you choose this.

The Game Plan:

beth dance.gif

4:00PM - Say our vows, say “I do” & make out in front of everyone.


4:20PM - jokes & tokes. We all hang out together, you can give a speech if you want, smoke some reefer (or not), sip some champagne, make a toast, whatever.

4:45PM - hopefully everyone has stopped babbling by this point and we can eat.


6:00PM - we’ll probably crank up the tunes and start dancin’ like fools by this point. We’ll have indoor space to use, there may or may not be some fire, and we should all be dry and cozy. Mingle, dance, catch up, meet one another, whatever you want.


10:30PM - Get outta’ here! The party might not stop at this point, but we ask that anyone who isn’t staying the night on the property begin to head off by this point so that those who ARE staying (and more importantly those who LIVE at the venue) can have some shut-eye or at least begin to wind down. This gives you ample time to prepare to safely & smartly get yourself home or wherever you’re staying. We want to respect the owners and the space they’ve allowed us to use, and this seems a reasonable time frame to allow for maximum fun with minimal impact. Also Beth and I want to be able to consummate our marriage ya know, or else it isn’t valid. At least that’s what we heard. We won’t be playing party police, just be aware and respectful.


Those of you who are camping on-site, you’ll have all day long to hang. Those of you who didn’t stay on site, you can come back to see us or make arrangements to meet up elsewhere. If you wanna come help clean up, that’s cool too, but not expected.

get out of here.gif

Now it’s our time. If you’re staying on the property, we ask that you find other accommodations for the rest of the weekend. You don’t have to leave until 5PM, but we plan to have a mini-honeymoon and enjoy the peace & quiet for at least a day before heading back to our normal work-week.


Mr. & Mrs. St John will head back into Eugene by the evening. If you’d like to see us, do dinner, go dancing, say farewell, or anything else then this is the last night for it.


Adios, muchachos - this will probably be a day of “see-ya-laters” for most of the family and friends who don’t live here. We’ll do our best to be around to say our goodbyes and give our love to each of you.

Things to Do

Come to the wedding, duh!

But for real though, we know most of our guests are traveling far and making a week-long vacation out of this trip. So here are some things we suggest:

  • Near the Venue (Vida, OR)

    • Tokatee Golf Course - Beautiful hole course about 20 min from the venue. We know Topper family will love the scenery and the challenge!

    • Belknap Hot Springs -A resort with a large pool which funnels water straight from the source of a nearby hot springs. It’s the perfect way to warm up your cold bones or ease any aches and pains from traveling. Warning: You will unlikely get cell service out here!

    • Fly fishing - There is great fly-fishing on the McKenzie River, however the waters may be up too high during the winter. Leaburg Fish Hatchery - This is on the way to the venue and is super cool & worth your while to pull over and check out where/ how Oregon helps the trout population stay up

  • Exploring the City of Eugene

    • Restaurants

      • Tacovore - Our favorite local taco place! They have amazing margaritas & house made hot sauces too!

      • Party Downtown - A bit more pricey, but well worth the food. This chef sources from local farms and reminds us of yummy eats back in Asheville

    • Dispensaries (below are a a couple of our favorites!)

    • Just for Fun-zies (downtown Eugene)

  • Portland, OR

    • Largest city near Eugene. Many of you will be landing here at PDX from your travels. Eat at Pok Pok, grab a drink at Whiskey Soda Lounge, or better yet - Hale Pele Tiki Bar!. City-life…what can we say, do whatever suits your fancy there.

  • Hiking

    • PCT: The Pacific Crest Trail - Famous for being America’s second longest trail, stretching from Mexico to Canada through the states of California, Oregon, and Washington. 

    • Skinner’s Butte - Short hike or drive up the mountain located right in the middle of downtown Eugene including views of Eugene and the U of O campus.

    • Hendrick’s Park & the Rhododendron Garden - Your right in town, but you’d think you’re in Jurassic Park once you get on some of the longer hikes

    • Mt. Pisgah Arboretum - 15 min South of Eugene, with breathtaking views at the top! This is one of our go-to places for hiking, and walking Alfredo

    • Spencer’s Butte - 40 min outside of Eugene, medium-difficult hike depending on which trail you take up, but well worth the reward when you reach the top!

    • The Redwood Nature Trail - Approx. 1 mile loop-trail where you will see redwoods (Sequoia sepervirens) up to 250 feet tall and 10 feet in diameter. Some may be as old as 800 years in age! This hike is about 4 hours Southwest of Eugene on the Coast.

  • Vineyards

    • Oregon is know for it’s Pinot Noir! There are a ton of local vineyards about 45 min - 1 hour away from Eugene, near where Beth worked on the farm out in Junction City, OR. We don’t have a favorite yet, so you choose and tell us all about it!

  • Bend, OR

    • Bend is a High desert town 2 hours Northeast of Eugene packed full of local breweries, art, and outdoor activities. If you’ve ever been to Asheville, NC…it’s a very similar vibe. Our advice, skip the city, and go straight for all of the amazing outdoor opportunities Bend has to offer. Smith Rock is on Beth’s bucket list!

  • The Coast

  • Want more? - Check out Travel Oregon for more info and trip ideas. I highly recommend visiting at least one of Oregon’s 7 Wonders.

Gifts & stuff

By no means do we expect anything from anyone. If you can make it, that’s more than enough for us. But of course some people feel obliged to send us dollars or gifts. Below are two wishlists - we don’t need much, except for a house, so most of this is just fun stuff to enhance our lives. Group-purchasing is available for more expensive items on Zola.


Digitally RSVP here (if you haven’t already):

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