The three of us woke up one morning and realized that all we were doing with our time was working dead-end jobs and paying bills. We had aspirations and goals, but every time we fought and reached for them, they slipped out of reach or our other obligations got in the way. On top of this, all the activities we loved – hiking, swimming, adventures, reading, playing fetch, chasing squirrels, making photographs, painting and camping – we just weren’t doing them as much as we wanted. Our life had become too complicated – we owned too much, worked too much, and even though we lived in an amazing area, we couldn’t sustainably enjoy ourselves. Life was good, but it wasn’t what we wanted, what we needed. We wanted more – especially while we are young.

So a plan was hatched – hit the open road and tour the USA in a vehicle. That’s about as far as the plan got for a while. We realized that in order to make this a sustainable endeavor, we would need to work along the way, socialize, network and hone our skills and slowly our goals were realized. Both of us are artists and we want to develop our crafts, but there are also many other opportunities out in the world, and we aren’t going to have them fall in our lap if we stay in one place – we need to seek them out and chase them down! We also have a huge passion and love for the outdoors, and want to promote the conservation and protection of our land through our art as we visit as many beautiful places as possible.

But that’s not all – as time has passed, our mission developed and blossomed. It’s no longer solely about the three of us, it’s about all of us. The three of us want to inspire people to follow their dreams and have a meaningful life, regardless of age, creed or nationality. We want to show that a minimal lifestyle is sustainable and fulfilling. We want to put the social back in social media with real-life socializing! We want to find and show the goodness in people: the common bonds we all share, the community we have all around us and the connectivity between us all. We want to promote alternative lifestyles, such as this neo-nomadic movement that we, and many others, have chosen. We want to create beauty in the world. Above all else, we want to make a positive difference and share our experiences with YOU!

Will we succeed at all of our goals? Maybe not – but that’s what an adventure is all about.

So come along with us, join the ride and see where we go!