was born in California, moved to Alaska, South Carolina and eventually settled on a tiny island called Ocracoke, located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. And yes, that’s his real, legal name. No his parent’s didn’t like Jägermeister. Yes, he likes Jägermeister, and if you buy him a beer and a shot he’ll tell you how he got his name.

After graduating high school, he jumped ship and moved clear across the state to Asheville to pursue a college degree in Graphic Design & Photography.  Four years later and he was still in Asheville, managing professional kitchens and working on design and photography projects on the side. Until now!

Even though his major was with digital art, Yeager loves and prefers working with his hands and getting dirty – he’s the mechanic of the Trio. He can often be found elbow-deep in Darlene’s engine bay, fiddling with his motorcycle, obsessing over something that needs to be fixed or improved, or nose-deep in information on how to become skilled in yet another trade. If he’s not doing any of these things there’s a good chance he’ll be reading, writing, daydreaming about adventure motorcycles, flyfishing, or creating photographs of whatever has caught his attention.